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We would like to kindly thank our clients who share their intimate pet-tales.

It has been our privilege to serve both you and your wonderful pets.


To our clients:

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in congratulating and thanking the Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation for a job well done in saving many dogs and cats.


We would like to personally thank Dr. LeBeuf, and his medical staff (Denice and Diane) for their professional medical treatment regarding our dogs Pumpkin (Shi Tzu) who has glaucoma, saving Precious (Pom-Dach) from a serious heart condition, and their three sisters; Missy (Yorkie-Chihuahua), Molly (Maltese-Terrier), and Maxine (toy Poodle-Bichon).


Dr. LeBeuf truly loves his profession, is hard working, portrays a positive "can do attitude," loves animals, displays tremendous patience, and has a great sense of humor, and is by far the best veterinarian doctor in the Central Valley.


Thank you again, Respectfully, Mike & Gloria, Fresno (2015)


"This is Dusty-Gracie: an orphan kitten in the worst possible condition, without much hope of survival. Dr. LeBeuf took one look and started to work miracles for this little guy. At first, because its condition was so bad, we didn't know if it was a "he" or a "she" and we picked the name Gracie. Then after a few weeks of more development, Doc said it couldn't be a Gracie, but it could be an Elvis! So we changed the kittens name to Dusty, but fondly Doc has always called him Dusty-Gracie. He developed into a wonderful cat with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen; and he got big (as compared to the scrawny kitten he'd once been, with a huge deep voice that seemed to say "I want to live.") His life has been full and happy, and we are privileged to call him ours. My advice to those of you who only want the pretty pets, is to consider a diamond in the rough. The care isn't all that expensive, and the animal that blossoms...well, truly becomes the most amazing pet that touches your life in so many ways. Thank You to Dr. LeBeuf and KCVF."

Karen C., Fresno, CA



"My experience with the Kings Canyon Vet is exemplory 100% of the time. I cannot say enough about Dr. LeBeuf and his entire staff. Always happy and ready with a smile, and more importantly the knowledge to solve whatever the problem is at the time. You will never find a better Vet anywhere. He is The Best!"

Jack S., Fresno, CA

"I have to say after having worked for KCVH in the mid to late 80s (I was L'Heureux in those days not McIntyre) both Drs Wood (bless her soul) and Le Beuf showed more care and concern for animals than any vet I have known since. They never tried to sell all kinds of drugs or force procedures that were not necessary. They both went out of their way for their clientele. Working for both if these doctors was the most memorable and wonderful experience of my life. They gave me so much insight and knowledge that I carry with me now and use. Thank you Dr Wood and Dr. LeBeuf. You have my eternal gratitude and respect."   Valerie M., Fresno, CA

For many years Doc has been our Rescue Vet. He has always stepped up to take care of our rescue cats, no matter what problem was presented. We know that our cats appreciate his compassion and love. I know that he is the guardian angel of our kitties. Thank you Doc for each and every little life you've helped guide onward along their path to a forever home. We wouldn't want to do this without you. Together we make the lives of cats better!  -Paula H., www.FPRG.org, Fresno, CA



This is Winnie and Doc, and she just loves Doc.

- Mark Schroeder,
Fresno, CA

Hi, I really appreciate the travel resources you shared in Summer Newsletter. I will be traveling this summer and fortunately will be able to bring my dogs with me. Being my first time really traveling with my babies, I was looking for some tips and information. Thanks again for the travel tips!

~ Tonya (2015)

 (from KCVF: Tonya, thank you for the link you provided, good resource!)


"I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to the vet: "Doc" Dr. LeRoy L. LeBeuf of the Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation. He's been in practice since 1959 yet his hands are steady as a rock. He has a very reassuring "animalside" presence, fully explains both the medical and real world results of tests and examinations, and most importantly practices a "holistic"and "purist" approach to veterinary medicine with his sole concern being what is best for the well being of the animal he's treating!
    He has turned his private practice into a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in order to insure that  access to quality, inexpensive veterinary care is available to people on low or fixed income (like me!) who love their animals and want to provide care for them but can't afford it. I thank him, and his staff, vet tech Denise and vet assistant Diane for their excellent work, warmth, emotional and professional support. They took great care of us professionally and personally."

Colette F., Fresno, CA