It's autumn and a time to savor the scents of the season. Crisp breezes and leaves of bright colors welcome you and your pet as you begin another season together.  The time you spend either outside or inside will be better if you follow some tips to keep your pet safe and healthy.


Here are some tips:



As the days begin to shorten, the sun can still be too warm for a shopping trip in the car with your pet. Best to leave them home, then you can surprise them with a special treat when you return.


Allow your pet to gradually get used to the cooling temperatures by   providing more food to build up body heat.


Provide fresh water daily, and make sure that it has not frozen!



This is the time of year most children return to school (if they're not in a year round school). However the danger of school supplies is a great attraction to pets, and can cause digestive and intestinal problems. Keep supplies safely put away.



If you are replacing the coolant in your car, please be aware that this is highly toxic to your pet. Clean up any puddles that spill, as pets will be attracted to licking the coolant.



Because autumn is the season when outside rodents and other small critters look for winter warmth, you may be tempted to set out some form of pest control. You should know that you need to check the product information carefully, as many are highly toxic to pets and can severly affect them, and some products can cause your pets death. Best to be aware what you put around your house, in your garage, and in your yard.



   ASPCA Autumn Safety Tips


   Traveling With Your Dog Safety Tips



  If your pet develops strange behavior at this time of year,
     or you think it may have been bitten by something,

     take your pet to EMERGENCY right away.

     This is an extremely serious situation!







Although Halloween is a fun time to dress up your pet and join in the merriment of trick or treating, sometimes pets don't care for all the excitement or the dress-up part. We encourage you to keep your pets safe and stress free.



Here are some tips for keeping Halloween a fun time for your pet


  ASPCA Halloween Safety Tips

  HSUS Spare Your Pet The Spooks This Halloween





Let's talk turkey! Okay, let's just talk about your pet's safety during this fabulous holiday of fun, family, and food. Because your pets are considered family, too, we want everybody to have a pet-stress-free good time. With a few precautions, you can create an atmosphere of thanksgiving and happy healthy pets for a lifetime!


Here are some Thanksgiving Holiday tips


  What Are Your Pets Plans For Thanksgiving?, by HSUS

  Thanksgiving Safety Tips, by ASPCA





As the weather changes, it's always fun to prepare for the new season. Cooler days and nights can mean that a new pet bed is in order, or even a good washing of an old favored pet blanket. When you're changing out your summer to autumn clothing, you should know that pets watch and sense that a change is coming, so make them a part of your autumn season traditions.


Go outside and rake some leaves together, with time off for playing catch. Sharing activities together with your pets can be fun and create memories for a lifetime.



falling leaves

hide the path

so quietly

-John Bailey (haiku)




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