How exciting the summer months can be, with so much adventure awaiting you and your pet.  There's running in the sun and playing in the water, but common sense must be used at this hot time of year.


Here are a few tips to help you:


Make sure there is plenty of cool fresh water available daily for your pet.

Ensure that there is a cool place to rest during the hot temperatures of
   the day.

If the concrete and asphalt are too hot for your feet, then it is too hot for
   your pets paws, too!

Keep your pet's food free of ants and flies.

Don't chain your pet in the sun --it's against the law-- shade must be


Your pet can get overly tired if you persist in throwing toys in the water for
   them to chase. Allow your pet time to rest in the heat.

...In other words, use common sense when it comes to your pet. If it is too
   hot for you, it is too hot for them. Keep them happy and healthy for life!


  Hot Weather Tips, from ASPCA

  Keep Pets Safe In The Heat, from HSUS


  If your pet develops strange behavior in the heat,
     or you think it may have been bitten by something,

     take your pet to EMERGENCY right away.

     This is an extremely serious situation!






Summer is such a great time of year to get outside and discover new adventures. We hope you have a super summer with your pet.


Here are some tips:



  ASPCA Exercise For Dogs
     Things to know before you head outdoors!



  ASPCA Hiking Safety

  Hiking and Camping With Your Dog

  Visiting Parks With Your Dog
     by California Department of Parks and Recreation


 CAMPING with your DOG
 Complete Safety Guide To Camping With Your Dog by Redfin



  Dogs and Water Safety

   A Few Tips To Keep Dogs Safe While Boating

  California Department of Boating and Waterways
       Search: "pets"


  Beach Safety Tips

     via / by ASPCA



   Is Your Pet Travel Ready? by HSUS

  Pet Safety In Your Car   




Since you've decided that you don't want to have a pet sitter, or board your pet, or ask friends and family to watch your pet, you're going to have a pet adventure within a summer vacation. Fun for the whole family!


So, you want to take Fido or Fifi along with you this year, but you don't have the slightest idea on what you need to do, or where to look. We'll help!


Always check to see if pets are allowed at your destination:


   CDC: International Travel With Your Pet
         (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) (USA)

-National Parks (USA) (Canada) (Mexico)

   Traveling to Mexico via GoMexico (Hotels)

         -Flying/Airline Policy

   Passport Information

   Traveling Tips For Pets On Planes, Trains, Or Ships (HSUS)

            Tips For Traveling With Your Pet (

        Traveling: plot your route, health of pet, first timers + more!



Because summer is always an active time for people to relocate, we've included the following resource for you:


   Moving With Your Pets, by




This is one of our most important holidays, and being that it is celebrated with lots of  fireworks, your pet is at risk of becoming seriously distressed and running away in panic. Because our pets hearing is so sensitive, the loud booms of fireworks can be extremely uncomfortable. The sudden burst of lights can also cause pets to become frightened. So, what can you do to help ensure the safety of your pet?


  SPCA: Fourth of July Safety Tips

  HSUS: Tips For A Safe Fourth Of July

  Missing Pet Partnership: Recovering A Panicked Pet

  How to make missing pet posters, plus more!

  Fresno Bee: Lost and Found: check to see which ads are free.
  You must visit local shelters in person to look for your pet.



A perfect summer day
is when the sun is shining,

 a soft breeze is blowing,
my pets are with me,

and we’ve plenty of shade to share!