Our Services

When it comes to your pet's health care, prevention is the key. We take the time necessary to know you and your pets in order to provide the most appropriate individual recommendations for vaccinations, diet, exercise, parasite screening, plus other preventitive medicine.


Often you will find that one office visit is not sufficient to monitor a health condition or track changes in your pet over the course of a year. We will develop an individual program for your pet from the time they are kittens and puppies through adulthood and senior years.




Good nutrition is much more than just maintaining a healthy weight.



We can help you:

decipher the label on your pet's food

select the best food for your pet's stage in life

calculate calories

create a plan to maintain optimum health


We also carry several prescription foods that can help treat certain medical conditions.




Dental health starts with your pet's first visit to to our foundation and begins with a complete oral examination. We include at-home brushing guidelines and dietary recommendations.


Should your pet's teeth need to be cleaned, we perform that procedure under anesthesia, along with any necessary dental extractions of diseased teeth.




Through a combination of our facility, outside laboratories, and referrals to board certified specialists, we provide comprehensive diagnotic testing for the health of your pet. We have extensive laboratory facilities, exceeding the capabilities found in most veterinary hospitals.





Surgery and anesthesia are never routine. We take special care to make this experience as stress-free as possible for you and your pet.


Since 1964, the scapel blade, except for rare instances, has been replaced by Electrosurgery and in the last few years, the laser capability has been added. Cryosurgery is available for special needs. A recent addition is an Operating Microscope, which has the capability of being used by two surgeons in the same operation. It also has video capabilities for the recording of operations for teaching purposes.


Our three anesthetic machines, with a total of four vaporizers, permit a choice of anesthetic procedures for the safety of the patient.  Most surgical procedures include the use of a Therapeutic Laser (see What's New) which in most cases eliminates the need for postoperative pain medication, enabling us to utilize our philosophy that the less medicine, the better.



Some Of Our Medical Services:


Cardiology Services • Complementary Procedures • Cytology of Fine Needle Aspirates • Declaw Declaw Removal • Feral care/surgery •  Geratric/Senior Patient Care • Infectious Disease Screening Microchip Implantation I.D. • Neurology • Oncology Surgery • Ophthalmology • Orhtopedic Procedures • Pharmacy Services • Rehabilitation Therapy • Spay and Neuter • Therapeutic Laser
Urine Testing, plus more!



How To Save Money:

  • Be On Time! Come early and complete your paperwork before appointment time.
  • Do Not Miss Appointment - if you must cancel your appointment, please call our office - do NOT send an email.
  • Use cash or debit card = 5% savings.
  • Bring urine sample if sick dog or wellness exam.
  • Have blood draw prior to exam if sick dog, or wellness exam.