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Laser Surgery!


We are proud to offer Laser Surgery, a less painful alternative for your pet. Long used in human healthcare, laser technology is a proven service with multiple applications. Only recently have veterinarians turned to laser surgery, and we are proud to be on the leding e3dge of advance animal care.


New In Our Office!


High-tech Digatherm

Digital Thermal Imaging


Developed for superior

image acuracy and

viewing ease to find

those areas where your

pet is in need of medical help.




Have you visited our donation webpage yet? You'll find it here: Feed The Kitty! There are several ways for you to change the life of a cat or dog so that they receive the medical care they need. There is even a way to give a memorial donation in the name of your own pet. Plus there are many other ways to donate for a good cause.  Check out which opportunity would suit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.


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. Click. Give.


Now YOU choose which fundraiser you want to use, and by doing so you help Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation with our mission to help others.


We currently offer:  GoodSearch and GoodShop, AmazonSmile, iGive, GiveBackAmerica, and soon we will be adding more, so check back often to see what we have added.



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We accept CareCredit healthcare credit cards! 


Pay for the treatments or procedures you want, when you want them.

Veterinary Financing FAQs: CLICK HERE 



So Many Pets Love This!
The Latest Advances In
Pet Laser Therapy


We are proud to announce the addition of  a new therapeutic laser Companion CTS 15 watt, Class IV, made by LiteCure. This new equipment will help with senior pets, as well as some of our younger pet clients.


Delivery of the optimal therapeutic doses to damaged tissue is the key to effective results. Coat length, coat color, body type and skin pigmentation significantly affect the penetration of all therapy lasers. The Smart Coat Plus technology in our Companion Therapy Laser provides patient-specific protocols based on individual patient characterists. We personalize our patients treatments with Smart Coat Plus to achieve more consistent results.


To watch video:  CLICK HERE


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4-Season Newsletters


Take a look at our "Seasonal Newsletters" with the focus on topics pertaining to Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter needs for your pet. Sometimes our lives get so busy we forget to check on the needs of our pets during certain times of the year, and we are happy to bring you that information for your convenience.


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